Shipments over $50, free

We offer free shipping on all local orders over $50. The free shipping choice should introduce itself as a choice during checkout total reaches $50 and over. We know that the quick delivery of your order is of very high importance. We ship all orders using First Class, USPS Priority, and Express Mail the same day for orders placed before noon PST Monday-Friday. If you placed your order after the same day cut off time, it would be ship the next available shipping time.



All orders that are dispatched through USPS on the same day as it was placed, takes roughly 2-3 business days to convey. We don’t dispatch our items to these accompanying states and cities because of lawful limitations: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Sarasota County – FL, Oceanside, and San Diego – CA, Jerseyville – IL, Union County – MS.



Returns will only be given if damage occurs that is our fault from our procedures or a defect with the packaging material and allow it to be resold due to many reasons, one being contamination. We do offer 3rd party insurance for less than $1, and it covers anything from lost, damaged, and pretty much anything under the sun. It’s an excellent feature we offer so you can have peace of mind. Its called Route, and you can review the terms here. However, we will listen to any case, if one ought to arise. Refunds can be feasible inside 15 days of purchase. If your order has shipped and you want to cancel your order, please e-mail us at admin@calibotanicals.com to accommodate any problems or second-guessing when ordering. If it has shipped and you want to cancel, you will need to contact us to submit an interception with USPS. There is no guarantee, but it works at times, depending on how fast we can act upon it after it shipped. 


Missing or damaged items.

If you are missing an item, or the item you receive is damaged, then please contact us, and we will send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you. Again this is where Route comes in to play very well. Especially for larger orders over $50 since the maximum amount of insurance USPS allows if they damage a package. If a refund is deemed necessary, then we will manually refund your transaction or the appropriate amount for the returned items.






Please note that we do not guarantee any shipping times quoted on our site. These are just estimations provided from USPS to all locations in the USA. We do not guarantee your order with be delivered within the quoted delivery time frames, and we do not promise, guarantee or ensure your express delivery will provide for next day delivery for Express mail.

We do not refund late Express mail shipments or delayed deliveries.