Wild Craft Kratom Powder Red Vein




WildCraft Kratom Powder is a very hard to find Red Vein strain. If you can guess, the strain is from not from a plantation like most kratom we get in the states. The term WildCraft comes from very mature kratom trees that are not on a plantation but grow freely in the wild. WildCraft Kratom Powder has a higher alkaloid content than most strains on the market. Wildcraft contains a large amount of mitragynine allowing a higher spectrum of effect.

This powder Red Vein is one of the ‘must-try’ powder strains of kratom. Our customers cannot resist but buy it from us again. Sourced from the furry jungles of Indonesia, WildCraft Kratom Powder Red Vein comes from kratom leaves containing red veins through them.

Cali Botanicals harvest the raw material from the fully grown kratom trees. Only mature leaves are hand-picked and processed through our high standard processing technique.

The WildCraft Kratom Powder Red Vein that we supply comes in airtight

packaging that is resealable after every use, retaining its freshness for long without making it stale. We assure you that you will love this strain and will want to order again.


What does Cali Botanicals offer?

  • 100% customer satisfaction reliable as vendors
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Purest and unadulterated kratom strains
  • Quick customer care response with fast shipping
  • Lab test and certification guaranteed

Cali Botanicals endeavor to provide you with the most excellent quality kratom Mthat will surpass all other products of the same kind. You will feel the difference when you try out the WildCraft Kratom Powder Red Vein of Cali Botanicals



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