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New Customer Powder Package Kratom Deal

$40.99 $30.99



 New Customer Powder Package Kratom Deal: Includes Horned Leaf Kratom, Red Thai Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Superior Red Dragon Kratom & 20 Caps of Maeng Da Kratom Caps

 About the New Customer Package Kratom Deal:

To all those customers finding their best kratom powder, can always look for this super amazing package of quality kratoms that offers five types of kratom powders, namely Horned Leaf, 
Thai Red Kratom, Green Malay, Superior Red Dragon Kratom powders. These all kratom powders come from different places but share the same tropical land. You can read more about the process of their extraction by having a look at them on the website. Very well explained with informative content.


The purpose of these Kratom powder is to offer a mix of cultural experiences that you can explore. The quantity in which they are available in 1 ounce each of Horned Leaf, Red Thai, Green Malay, & Superior Red Dragon powders along with 20 caps of our Private Reserve Maeng Da Kratom powders.


contact us for some advice on its usage. We consider ourselves trained when it comes to knowing our kratom strains and knowledge about the history of this leaf. You should also contact a trained and/or experienced physician.

This package includes the following

1 ounce of Horned Leaf Kratom

1 ounce of Red Thai Kratom

1 ounce of Green Malay Kratom

1 ounce of Superior Red Dragon Kratom

20 Caps of our Private Reserve Maeng Da Kratom


At this time we cannot ship to the following states:  AL, IN, VT, WI, and AR. We are sorry for the inconvenience
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