Cali Botanicals CBD vs Kratom Powder

Both kratom and CBD, or cannabidiol, are known for being natural yet effective sources of healing and relief. Both of these remedies are found in plants, and both have a wide range of uses when it comes to what type of bodily ailment needs treating.

But what we want to know is, which one is better than the other? The molecular compounds that make up kratom and CBD cause each of them to relieve stress in different ways. While both might be effective, their relief takes different forms.

Preferred Method of Consumption?

The effectiveness of both kratom and CBD can be achieved by differing methods of consumption. Kratom, which comes from a leaf, works through ingestion, and there are many ways of ingesting it. Some people brew teas, others mix the powder into their water, and the easiest, quickest way is by swallowing it as a capsule.

CBD, on the other hand, can simply be used as an oil, because it is typically oil-based. But it can also be combined into creams and lotions, allowing the CBD to sink into your skin and treat the stress in a specific affected area.

Something else to take into consideration is whether you’re planning on using either stress reliever every day, or just as needed. While you’ll have no issues using a CBD-based product every day, the body can build up a tolerance to kratom and can lead to a mild addiction.

This is why kratom can be looked at as a more natural, healthy substitute.

The bottom line is: feel free to use CBD as often as you need to, but take kratom as needed, and maybe not every day.

What Type of Stress Relief are you Looking For?

As mentioned, the compounds that makeup CBD and kratom, respectively, cause each to relieve stress in different ways. Depending on the kind of stress you’re experiencing (if at all), you may prefer one over the other.

When compared side by side, it seems that CBD produces more effective results when treating neuropathic or neurodegenerative afflictions.

These terms relate to things like chronic stress, nerve damage, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. Internal, neurological issues are typically better off being treated with CBD as opposed to kratom.

Kratom, while diverse in its effectiveness, works quite well when relieving something called nociceptive stress. Nociceptive stress is more common bodily stress, ranging anywhere from scrapes or burns to inflammatory arthritis or sprained ankles.

If you’re looking to use kratom for reasons other than stress relief. It’s also a great energy booster when taken in small doses; almost like a coffee with a shot of espresso. It has very mild, opioid-like effects in larger doses. When taken this way, kratom is seen as life-saving by former addicts. 

The Final Results

All in all, neither one is better or worse than the other; each substance is more effective for certain issues.