Kratom Capsules

About Kratom Capsules

More and more often, people are turning to kratom as a natural way to deal with stress. Users like the fact that it’s more natural than doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals. However, kratom powder isn’t exactly the most efficient way to find relief — you can’t just brew a kratom tea when you’re out-and-about!

Capsules offer the most stress-free, portable, and simple way to take kratom. Here’s why.

What Are Capsules?

Simply put, capsules are gel-based capsules filled with kratom powder.

These capsules come in a variety of sizes and doses, as well as strains. You can get white capsules for more energizing effects, and red strains for a more sedating experience. The gel-based capsules are taste-free, offering kratom users who hate the taste of kratom a great alternative.

Why Use Kratom Capsules?

There are a lot of reasons people use capsules rather than more traditional intake methods. Here are just a few of the most popular ones.


Good capsules are housed in a gelatin-based shell that feels almost like plastic. They’re not “pills,” they’re capsules, meaning there’s no taste to suffer through.

The taste of kratom is one of the major deterrents for people. Some people taste kratom once and vow never to try it again because of how much they hate it. Capsules offer users a way to get the benefits of kratom without that kratom taste.


Again, capsules are not pills or tablets.

Pills and tablets use additives to keep them together. You’re always getting something other than the medicine with tablets, making for an impure experience. With high-quality capsules, you’re getting 100% kratom.


One of the best reasons to use capsules is for portability.

Traditional kratom powder is hard to take with you anywhere, and harder to actually use outside the home. The best you can do is brew a kratom tea and take it on-the-go, but that’s not ideal. It’s not going to stay hot, and the taste isn’t going to be great.

Capsules allow you to simply swallow your kratom down with some water. You can easily carry them around in a bottle or container in your pocket or bag. There’s no easier way to find lasting stress relief throughout the day.


If you’re taking kratom for stress relief, the last thing you want is to add more stress to your life.

Having capsules on your person at all times inspires calmness. It reminds you that you have relief whenever you want, wherever you want, in a simple capsule form. If you feel panic and stress coming on, all you need to do is reach for your kratom capsule and be done with it.


Capsules also take the stress out of weighing out kratom doses.

Dosing kratom can be a real hassle. It involves weighing out your kratom on a digital scale to get the perfect amount. Capsules are pre-dosed, making it easy to determine how many you should take.

“So, how many capsules should I take?” You ask. Well, whatever your dosage is with traditional kratom powder, take the equivalent number of capsules. If you usually take 3 grams of kratom, take 3 grams worth of capsules!

If you’re a newbie still trying to find your perfect dose, start with one kratom capsule, wait about an hour for the full effects, then increase if needed. Through experimentation (and starting low) you’ll find your perfect dosage in no time. Click here to learn more about finding the right kratom dosage.

What Are the Strongest Kratom Capsules for Stress?

There are a lot of different kratom strains, and not all of them are perfect for stress. To make your journey toward stress relief easier, here are some of the best options to consider.

Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Maeng Da is a favorite for many kratom users, and for good reason.

It reportedly offers great stress relief, without making the user too tired. In fact, Maeng Da tends to act as a bit of a stimulant. Users report feelings of euphoria and boosted moods, as well as energy and stress relief when taking Maeng Da.

You can get Maeng Da kratom capsules here.

Red Borneo Kratom Capsules

Red strains are typically more sedating, and Red Borneo is no exception.

If you want stress relief at night, try a Red Borneo kratom capsule. Red Borneo allegedly offers amazing stress relief and whole-body relaxation along with it. It’s a strong strain, so a little bit tends to go a long way.

Click here to purchase Red Borneo capsules.

DIY Kratom Capsules

If you have a preferred kratom strain that you can’t find in capsule form — or simply want to put trust in your own hands — you can make your own capsules!

You can buy empty gelatin capsules across the web from stores like Amazon. To make your own capsules, buy your favorite stress-relieving kratom powder, buy your own capsules, and fill them up at home. It’s that simple, and it might even save you a few dollars in the long run.

Making your own capsules also lets you dose each capsule with as much or as little kratom as you prefer. If you want a more custom experience, try it out! Just make sure you weigh all your kratom with a digital scale before you pour it into the capsules — different strains weigh differently.

Say Goodbye to Stress With Kratom Capsules

Capsules are by far the best way to take kratom for stress relief. Not only will the kratom help relieve your stress, so will the method. You won’t have to worry about weighing doses, or being caught on a day out without your stress relief ever again.

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