Since its boom in popularity in the western world. Kratom has continued to gain popularity for the positive effects it can provide people. Kratom has long been used in its native land of Southeast Asia as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Locals chewed the leaves to ease everything from fatigue to aches and pains from long days working in the field, to getting a boost of energy to get them through the end of the day.

People experienced with kratom are already well familiar with the variety of properties and effects that each kratom strain can produce. Green, white, or red kratom have all shown to be beneficial at providing users with a mixture of different effects, but when kratom gets really interesting is when you start to mix the strains.

Kratom combinations allow people to get the best of both worlds and blend the effects until you create an ideal blend. 

What blends well together?

Green vein kratom is usually the base of most blends. Its wide range of properties means there’s something for everyone. It ranges from providing calming effects to providing a shot of energy. It blends very well with red or white kratom and will let you achieve a well-rounded mix of positive effects. Depending on what subsidiary strains you’re mixing, you can achieve a calming balance that will help you rest, or an energizing punch like a good cup of espresso to get you through your day.

Here is what each strain provides:

Red vein kratom is calming and relaxing. It can help you sleep, improve your mood, and get an overall sense of wellbeing.

White vein kratom is used in smaller doses and is quite potent. It can be used as a natural stimulant and is the most energizing of all the strains. If you need a boost o mental clarity, a white vein is a way to go. 

Green vein kratom runs the gamut from relaxing to stimulating. Making it the most versatile of the strains (and the easiest to blend).

One thing to keep in mind is to be cautious when mixing red vein kratom and white vein kratom together. These strains can both be especially potent and produce opposite effects, which can make for an unpleasant experience. 

What to blend for:

Sleepiness: White Vein Maeng Da and White Vein Borneo blended together will produce a solid punch of energy that will wake you up.

Relaxation: Red Bali and Red Vein Sumatra blended together will help you relax from a long, hard day.

Feeling nervous: Got a big event coming up? Red Vein Sumatra and Red Vein Borneo can be great for a general feeling of anxiousness. While Green Malay and Green Indo can calm the nerves before a social event.

Getting some sleep: Red Vein Bali and Red Indo will help your mind rest and slow those racing thoughts so you can get some sleep. 

These recipes can (and do) get much more specific. In general, remember that Bali kratom is the shortest acting strain and Indo Kratom, Borneo Kratom, and Green Malay Kratom are all long-acting.